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At Amalka Mare, every activity offers an unforgettable experience, contributing to a unique stay on our beautiful island.

Water Activities

What would a quality vacation be without activities at sea? A quality vacation includes activities at sea, and Amalka Mare offers a wide range of water sports and entertainment. Whether you’re an experienced sea enthusiast or a first-time adventurer, there’s something for everyone.

Enjoy tranquility on a longboard, feel the breeze in your hair as you explore the island’s picturesque corners. For those craving speed, try jet skiing or kayaking and feel the exhilarating waves. Immerse yourself in the fascinating underwater world and experience the beauty of the sea depths.

Each house also features a saltwater pool for bathing and relaxation whenever you desire. Take a bath and relax whenever you want.

Diving in the Adriatic Sea




Jet ski


Sea safari




Teretana 1 (Villa Vitalis)

Sports Activities

Amalka Mare caters to those who want to stay active and fit even during vacation. For fitness enthusiasts, there’s an outdoor covered gym.

Exercise under the blue sky surrounded by nature. Work out on your own or hire a personal trainer/coordinator to help you maintain your fitness levels.

Engage in recreational activities by playing tennis on the court or rent a quad for adventurous exploration of the island.

Massages and a sauna are available for complete relaxation after dynamic activities. In our resort, everyone will find the perfect balance between physical activity and relaxation.

In our resort, everyone will find the perfect balance between physical activity and relaxation.

Tourist Activities and Food

Your vacation can be filled with diverse tourist experiences tailored to your desires. Our private guide is at your disposal to reveal all the island’s secrets, and a property caretaker ensures you don’t have to worry about your belongings.

Experience island culinary delights through the ‘local food experience.’ Our additional concierge services will make your stay carefree.

We organize trips to local places and islands such as Šolta, Trogir, Brač, Hvar, and Vis. Visit some of the most beautiful locations on the Adriatic.

Contact us for additional ready-made packages (e.g., for a honeymoon) with all activities.

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Game Room

Game Room

Relax within the resort in our special entertainment room, where you can enjoy video games on the PlayStation console or have a good time with board games.

Within the resort, find a comfortable swing where you can enjoy peace and quiet surrounded by the natural beauty of the island. It’s ideal and safe for both children and adults.