- About the Island -

Drvenik Veli Island is located in central Dalmatia and represents a true hidden oasis among the Adriatic islands.

It has preserved the protected beauty of Croatian heritage near Trogir, maintaining its authentic charm and remaining isolated from the hustle and bustle of modern tourism.

Town and Viewpoint

The island is home to the eponymous town, with a history dating back to the distant 15th century. You can travel through time, visiting the ruins of several wealthy palaces and a monument to emigrants that has left its eternal mark on the harbor cape.

The viewpoint of the island is crowned by the magnificent chapel of St. Nicholas, dating back to the 18th century. Along with its rich history, Drvenik Veli is also known for its beautiful lagoons.

Feel the touch of the crystal-clear sea and experience the harmony of history and the environment, which will accompany you throughout your stay on the island.

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Obala Amalka Mare

Solin bay and Blue Lagoon

On the southern side of the island, enjoy Solinska uvala, adorned with the enchanting beauty of rocky beaches and the clarity of the sea.

The eastern side of Drvenik Veli hides a true gem of the Adriatic – Plava Laguna, also known as Krknjaši Beach. This sandy cove is bathed in the turquoise tones of the Adriatic Sea and surrounded by fragrant pine trees that further accentuate its indescribable charm.

Untouched nature and a rocky coastline provide you with intimacy and an ideal setting for an unforgettable vacation.